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Greenspirits bio-ethanol E85 conversion

Drive your petrol vehicle environmentally friendly, with lower cost and more power! Change your petrol vehicle to a Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV). This is a vehicle that can be operated with gasoline, ethanol and methanol, as well as any mixtures of these fuels, in the same tank. Get much more power for your vehicle, because E85 have 105 octane, ethanol have 130 octane and methanol have 160 octane. For comparison: formula 1 fuel only have 102 octane and normal petrol only have 91 octane. Nearly every petrol vehicle with electronically controlled injection (lambda probe/Kat), can easily be changed, without sequelae. Suitable not only for cars, also for motorcycles, boats, go-karts and so on.

Conversion KIT is TÜV approved!!! CE and EMC tested!!! Including e - number!!!
Greenspirits E85 CO2-Kreislauf

2 different E85 controllers available:
FFV modulator or FFV modulator USB

The two versions only differ in the type of setting. The FFV modulator is adjusted by 2 potentiometers and the FFV Modulator USB is adjusted by PC software. At FFV Modulator USB you have more and accurate setting options with PC Software. FFV Modulator USB is better for Tuning. Without PC knowledge you should use FFV modulator.

Greenspirits bio-ethanol E85 FFV modulator

  • Suitable for engines with electronically controlled injection (Lambda probe / Kat), MPI (Multi Point Injection), SPI (Single Point Injection, Mono Point Injection), Digifant, Jetronic, etc.
  • Fully automatic control device, not a switch over needed (Refuelling possible in any arbitrary mixing ratio, so no problem if no E85 filling station is near. Simple refuel normal or super.)
  • Cold starts function with temperature sensor - works at high sub-zero temperatures and can continuously and without unnecessary additional consumption, be optimally adapted to every vehicle.
  • Continuous control of the injection time. FFV Modulator can be optimally adjusted via OBD lambda values, without unnecessary fuel consumption.
  • Economy or Performance optimized settings possible.
  • LED function control for each cylinder - so you can see, if all injectors connected and working right.
  • Plug and Play connection system, available with many different connectors: Bosch EV1 (normal, short and low) Bosch EV6, Nippon Denso, Nippon Denso Dual Slot, Honda, Toyota, Delphi and Daimler.
  • Installation also possible without matching connector.
  • Can any time be installed in another vehicle.
  • Later connector changes (eg vehicle exchange) easy and simple.
  • Easy installation, installation time between 30-60 min.
  • MADE in EU
  • 2 year warranty on the control unit
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - on initial appointments.
  • Vehicle warranty for vehicles not older than 3 years and less than 80,000 km optionally possible - Replaces the manufacturer's warranty and covers all major engine components.
  • CE approved!
  • EMC approved!
  • e - number!
FFV Modulator USB
Voltage required: 9-12 volt
Electrical resistance at the nozzle: ~min 10 ohm
Passive-powered unit. Requires no external power source. Get power via the injectors. If your vehicle have less volts and ohms, the controller also can be installed, but separate power source is needed. If this is the case, please contact us.
via 2 potentiometers inside

Greenspirits bio-ethanol E85 FFV modulator USB

The Greenspirits FFV modulator USB has the same functions as our FFV modulator, but can be adjusted more precisely by using PC software and has a few additional features.

  • Exact settings via a PC program.
  • 2 cold start phases - start and warm-up phase, can be adjusted in time and / or temperature dependent = fuel consumption reduction
  • Controller checks, if the engine is warm, before engine start. If the engine is warm, the cold start phase skip automatically off = fuel consumption reduction
  • PC software displays in which mode the controller is now = better troubleshooting and adjustment
  • It is possible to save multiple profiles on PC, such as ECO and Sport etc. This also makes it easy, to copy the profile that you have already applied for a car, to another car. Also ideal for TÜV inspection with power limits.
  • Injection is extended directly, without interruption. Other control devices on the market, extend the injection time, but between the extensions there is a short interruption. This controller prolongs the injection, without interruption.
  • Software Languages: English / German / Hungarian
  • Number of revolutions dependent adjustment - from a freely selectable revolutions number, can give more or fewer fuel. This has the advantage that in the upper speed range, can be additionally injected more fuel - tuning. But also in full load range because in full load range the lambda control is not working.
FFV Modulator
Voltage required: 9-12 volt
electrical resistance at the nozzle: ~min 10 ohm
Active-powered unit. Separate power source is needed. 
via PC Software
Screenshot PC Software

General advantages of bio-ethanol or E85

  • Environmentally friendly motoring - ethanol is a renewable, environmentally friendly fuel. During the combustion only as much CO2 is released as the plant has been bound in their growth. A natural circulation arises. Every liter of bioethanol instead of gasoline consumed saves the environment up to 1.8 kilograms of CO2.
  • Cheaper refuel - save money on each kilometer.
  • Can be operated with normal petrol engines (new engine technology not needed)
  • Almost every gasoline vehicle can be converted.
  • Bivalent refuel - after install car also can drive with gasoline. Each mixing ratio is possible - is detected from the control unit (in case of unavailability of an E85 fuel station, refuel vehicle with normal gasoline, Super gasoline, E10, E20…)
  • No additional tank is required, it all comes in a tank.
  • Increases the life expectancy of your engine and reduces wear (combustion temperature about 40 ° C lower).
  • Cleaner burning, increases the life expectancy of the catalytic converter (because fewer pollutants).
  • More engine power and higher knock resistance (ethanol has 110 octane, E85 has 105 octane more than Formula 1 gasoline, which has 102 octane, for comparison of premium gasoline has only 98 octane).
  • Strengthening of local agriculture.
  • Job creation in the country.
  • Independence of the gasoline industry.
  • Can also be produced from waste materials (cheap, no energy consumption by cultivation and management).
  • High energy yields per hectare.
  • Simple conversion of existing gas stations.
  • Easier to reach the Kyoto targets. This left us saves expensive penalties.
  • Ethanol causes no fine dust.

Benzin vs Ethanol_kl

Lambda VS AFR


Treibstoff CO2 Bilanz

CO2 Kreislauf

Price (Of course NEW with WARRANTY)

It's all there, which is required for conversion!

4 ZYLINDER€199,-€229,-
6 ZYLINDER€229,- €259,-
8 ZYLINDER€259,- €289,-

More cylinder on demand.
For 3 or 5 cylinder vehicles, simply remains a free connector. You can also, for example, in a 4 cylinder vehicle, install a 8 cylinder control unit and have 4 free connector. You can also use a multi-cylinder control unit for a vehicle SPI install.

FREE SHIPPING, also for auction!

PROCESSING TIME: The processing time is usually less than 24 hours. For orders on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays, the processing time begins on the next working day at 10 clock. For orders of FFV Modulator or FFV Modulator USB, the processing time start until we receive the payment, number of cylinders, the type of connector and polarity from you.

SUITABLE: For engines with electronically controlled injection (Lambda Sensor / Kat), MPI (Multi Point Injection), SPI (Single Point Injection, Mono Point Injection), Digifant, Jetronic, etc.
NOT SUITABLE: For direct-injection (FSI) working with high / low high-voltage signals and piezo injectors!

OBD diagnostic device for optimal adjust (without unnecessary consumption) to the vehicle.
USB cable for the FFV Modulator USB.

7 different connectors available:

NORMAL POLARITY = 12 Volt on the red marked side.
TURNED POLARITY = 12 Volt not on the red marked side.
Detailed instructions for measuring the polarity you receive after your purchase. If you are not sure about the connector, you can send us a picture of the connector. For many vehicles, connector and polarity are already known to us and it is only necessary you tell us brand, model, year, etc.
FFV Modulator and FFV Modulator USB also can be installed without a matching connector.

We are looking for partners for installation and distribution:

  • You have a car service station or a gas station?
  • You are mechanics or you interested on cars?
  • You want to do something good for the environment?
  • Looking for a future-oriented product?
  • You want a lucrative additional salary?

If you answer one or more points with yes, then please contact us at:
Greenspirits - Martin Putz
Mobil: +43 (0) 660 / 21 69 123

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